A fantastic drumming experience, popular with keen drummers and beginners. This Rydeen Rock kit provides the drummer with the same stunning response and resonance that you would expect from a professional Yamaha kit. It is supplied with great quality hardware. 

These kits live up to their name 'Rydeen' (The Japanese God of Thunder) - they really pack a punch. The kits come in many colours: Black, Blue, Red, Burgundy, Yellow and Silver and can be ordered in a Fusion configuration too - just get in touch with our sales team for more information. 

More information about this popular drum kit... 

The Rydeen drum kit features a 22" bass drum, 16" floor tom, 12" and 10" tom toms and a 14" snare, which are crafted from 6-ply poplar. The kit has added stability from the double braced hardware, which allows for true rock expression! Finished in a The double braced hardware adds stability to the kit and allows for some real rock expression. The kit is finished in a vibrant red.  


  • 22 x 16 in Bass Drum
  • 16 x 15 in Floor Tom
  • 12 x 8 in Tom Tom
  • 10 x 7 inTom Tom
  • 14 x 5.5 in Snare Drum
  • Cymbal stand, snare stand and hi hat stand, tom holders and a foot pedal - all double braced for stability. 
  • Cymbals not included, however we'd recommend Paiste 101 cymbal.
  • 6-ply poplar shells
  • Genuine Yamaha tom and pipe clamps, P3 type Bass Drum head
  • Drum thrones are not included. See our selection of drum thrones here. 



Basic assembly required

Yamaha 22" Rydeen Rock Drum Kit in Red


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