The Hidersine Vivente Academy Violin is an instrument we are proud to supply to those embarking on, old and young. 

Traditional in looks the Violin is anything but another run of the mill lump of kindling. Fitted with the revolutionary finetune pegs by Wittner you can actually tune your violin: and makes sure it stays that way! *

These pegs work similarly to a Guitar machine head. They are internally geared making tuning precise while also ensuring the strings / peg cannot slip or get stuck. Eight turns of the peg equates to one turn of the central spindle.

This instrument really provides the best possible start for an individual embarking on their musical journey.



Closed Grained Spruce Table
Graphic Flamed Maple back and Ribs
Ebony fingerboard
Seasoned maple bridge
Alloy tailpiece comprising 4 integral fine tuners
Supplied in a shockproof rectangular shaped case with detachable straps
Complete with octagonal brazilwood stick bow and Hidersine rosin

Hidersine Vivente Academy Violin Outfit - Full Size


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    Monday-Friday: 11:00AM-8:00PM

    Saturday: 10.00AM-4.00PM

    Sunday: Closed

    96 Old Church Road

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