Following the success and popularity of Forenza Prima and Secondo Series, the new Uno range introduces a brand new selection of instruments that will help you make the first steps in your career regardless of your budget.

This gorgeous violin is made from quality wood, finished with a rich varnish giving it a lovely warm and natural colour. Forenza Uno comes supplied with a lightweight carry case for easy yet safe transportation and includes a quality wooden bow and a block of rosin.

Forenza Uno Series full size violin is an attractive and presentable student instrument that is also equipped with all the necessary features for you to start playing right away! It is fitted with hardwood tuning pegs and fingerboard that add a quality feel to this fantastic student model. The bridge is fitted and set up, and the strings are tensioned, so that the instrument is ready to use almost immediately. All you would need to do is tune it, which is easily done with the robust integral tailpiece and 4 fine tuners. Just apply some rosin to the bow and experience the pleasant and precise tone Uno Series produce throughout the range.

The Uno Series violin offers a well-built, great sounding instrument for any student combined with carefully designed features and accessories to ensure the best possible playing experience at a price that is accessible to more people than ever!

Other sizes available: 3/4, 1/2 and 1/4




  • Ideal instrument for students and beginners
  • Well-built body finished with quality, rich varnish
  • Hardwood fingerboard and tuning pegs
  • Fitted bridge
  • Robust integral tail piece with 4 fine tuners
  • Quality bow and rosin included
  • Supplied in a stylish, lightweight case
  • This product does not come with a shoulder rest.

Forenza Uno Series Full Size Violin Outfit


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